Shabanga is home to many different types of animals and plant species. In the early hours of the morning Bushbuck or Grey Duiker can be seen grazing on the lawns in front of your room and at night the distinctive mating call of the Night Jar will most definitely be heard! Shabanga is also home to the infamous Umtiza tree which only grows in the East London area. 

Small livestock is also farmed on Shabanga. Some of our animals are bought from world renowned farmers and are of upmost quality. 3 Different types of sheep and 2 different types of goats are farmed. Feel free to take a walk to the kraal and interact with these animals! 

Animals farmed on Shabanga

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List of wildlife on Shabanga 

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  • Bushbuck
  • Grey Duiker
  • Blue Duiker 
  • Vervit Monkey
  • Mongoose


  • Knysna Lourie
  • Night Jar
  • Fish Eagle 
  • Crested Eagle
  • King Fisher 

Plant Life

  • Umtiza tree
  • Yellowwood tree
  • Paperbark tree